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AlJazeera, February 3, 2009

The Music of Resistance is a six-part documentary series that tells the stories of musicians who fight repression and sing about injustices.

They are unique musical personalities from some of the world’s most troubled areas – what makes them different is their need to communicate their politics through music.

They are all ambitious and talented but for them ‘making it’ is not about diamonds and sports cars – it is about radical political change.

They come from Nigeria, Mozambique, the favelas of Brazil, Cape Verde, the desert of the Southern Sahara and inner-city London.

Framed in their historical context and current political circumstances, The Music of Resistance will illustrate their messages through live performances, interviews and images from the communities they sing about and inspire.

Presenter Steve Chandra Savale is the musical force behind Asian Dub Foundation – a London-based group that has for years brought a strong anti-racism message to an international audience.

The race to fight racism 

For almost 15 years, Asian Dub Foundation has delivered uncompromising messages of social change – looking at prejudice against Britons of Asian descent.

Alarmed by the number of inner-city youngsters turning to gangs, the group formed Asian Dub Foundation Education (ADFED) as a way of getting them back on track.

Part # 1

Part # 2

Survival in the southern Sahara

The nomadic Touareg tribes have endured years of drought and civil war. The one constant through this hardship has been the music of Tinariwen.

Once a group of rebel soldiers, training alongside Colonel Gadaffi in Libya, after years of struggle and violence Tinariwen decided to lay down their guns and fight with a different weapon – music.

Human rights for the most marginalised

Fela Kuti is one of the most significant musicians to ever come out of Sub-Sharan Africa. Through his music he confronted government corruption, multi-national corporations, and police brutality in Nigeria.

Only 14 when his father died, his son Seun has decided to carry on his legacy. Music of Resistance went to meet him.

Part # 1

Part # 2

Finding dignity in Portugal

Nuno Santos (aka Chullage) is a Cape Verdean living in Portugal. Like so many migrants from this small African island, he faces discrimination daily. His music tries to redress this injustice.

Part # 1

Part # 2

The Music of Resistance airs at the following times GMT: Monday: 1230; Tuesday: 0330, 1400; Wednesday: 0630, 1930; Thursday: 0130, 1030; Friday: 0330, 1000, 1430; Saturday: 1730; Sunday: 0430, 2030

Click here for more information on the series and the featured artists

AlJazeera channel on YouTube.

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  1. Great Videos! My favourite is Chullage they are a great combination.

    Comment by thehamish | March 10, 2009 | Reply

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