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Bring On The Apocalypse: A new book by George Monbiot


A new book by George Monbiot. Published April 2008 by Allen Lane, Penguin Press.

George Monbiot is a fearless heretic with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. In these incendiary essays, he attacks the people who threaten the peace, equality and very existence of humanity. With humour and precision, he tears apart the fictions of religious conservatives, the claims of those who deny global warming and the lies of the governments and newspapers that led us into war. He takes no prisoners, exposing government corruption in devastating detail while clashing with people as diverse as Bob Geldof, Ann Widdecombe and David Bellamy.

But alongside his fierce investigative journalism, this book contains a series of profound and remarkable essays about what it means to be human. Monbiot explores the astonishing politics behind John Constable’s painting The Cornfield, shows how driving cars has changed the way we think and argues that eternal death is a happier prospect than eternal life.

Often controversial, always original, Bring on the Apocalypse: Six Arguments for Global Justice, a collection of essays first published in the Guardian, never stops asking the big questions and challenging our most dearly-held beliefs.




May 22, 2008 - Posted by | George Monbiot, New Book

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